Attn: Self-Publishers

Put an End to Boring Journals and Diaries!

Now You Can Easily Add Jazzy Borders and Corners to Your Print Books 




Your Journal Jazz graphic borders and corners may be used for:

  recipe books

  puzzle pages


  blank journal books

  trivia books

  children’s books

…and any other print materials you want to “jazz up” with borders and corners, like:

  • give professional polish to brochures and flyers
  • create unique event notices
  • finish PDF’s and Word docs with a “designer” look 

Take a look at these 40 hand-crafted graphic borders & corners:

Add flair to Journal book covers…

Add trim to your recipe pages…


These 40 vector-quality black and white border and corner graphics:

  • are delivered as .png and .psd files with transparent backgrounds
  • are all 8.5″ x 11″ and can easily be down-sized without losing resolution
  • may be used on interior print book pages as well as book covers

Journal Jazz